Shemesh Automation is Gaining Ground

Shemesh Automation has announced the purchase of a new production facility, to support the company’s rapid global sales growth. This new factory site, located only 10 minutes outside Tel Aviv in central Israel, affords Shemesh Automation in excess of 4,500 sqm of prime factory space.

Due to the continued 50% year-on-year top line sales growth the business has been consistently achieving over the past three years, coupled with an ambitious business plan targeting this figure each year over the next five years, additional space was required to fulfil the global demand for Shemesh Automation packaging solutions.

The new factory includes four 30m long x 6m wide halls for assembly and testing, as well as additional office space for a further six engineers, who boast more than 100 years’ combined experience between them.

The location of the new factory was key”, explains Managing Director Shai Shemesh, “Its location in central Israel, just minutes out of Tel Aviv makes it more convenient and lower risk for visitors and employees alike, ultimately attracting high quality engineers and management teams”.

Shemesh Automation now have the in-house engineering and assembly capability to meet global customer requirements and new premises has been high on the agenda to sustain the company’s remarkable growth.

Many engineers nowadays working in Israel have worked for top brands such as Intel and Apple with the country itself boasting more MBAs per capita than any other country and more NASDAQ companies than anywhere outside the United States. These two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities place the pre-eminence of the Israeli hi-tech community at their disposal, further supporting the company’s innovative mind-set and product portfolio.